Sharon Haward – In Sense of Place

Her investigations also highlighted the fundamental divergences between the two contemporary educational institutions, best summed up by the masonry inscriptions. The former declares, “ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS,” (art is long, life is short); more pragmatically, the latter equipped the girls for a future of domestic servitude than the somewhat inauspicious motto “LABOR OMNIA VINCIT” (work conquers all).

In Sense of Place, Haward juxtaposed superb distorted images of both historic buildings with an accompanying prose; creating an elegant mise-en-scene which touched lightly, but convincingly, upon another mood and time.

Sharon Haward is a visual artist with a multi-disciplinary practice hinging on the exploration of site and sense of place. Her installations and interventions involve the insertion of objects, texts, images and/or moving image into a environment already rich with meaning – creating interventions that overlay a place with unsteady and haunted landscapes of remembered/mis-remembered space.

As well as making work for galleries and museums, Haward has made site responsive installations at a range of historical, vernacular and abandoned sites in the Uk (and Europe) including a railway station, a Victorian fort, an electricity substation and a fire station.

You can read Sharon’s poem here.