Top image: Bonnie showing her work in the foyer to a visiting college group

Bonnie Craig – Plain Sight

Throughout the month of September 2014, she met with the public, blogged, gave talks to local college students and produced a series of site- based installations. Plain Sight included a large shadow-like pattern describing the ironwork of our windows, and the addition of tiny sticker confetti shapes mixed with the occasional outline of dead flies – a combination that can be found in the corners of our building, spreading out from the almost daily weddings in the registrar’s office.

Bonnie Craig, is a UK-based visual artist and designer working mainly with pattern and print, creating large-scale pieces, such as installations in public spaces, and small-scale pieces, such as one-off prints. She uses pattern in her work to draw attention to the sometimes overlooked details in nature, buildings, books – and all sorts of other things.

Image gallery below:
Bonnie installing work on the glass window in the stairwell
Bonnie talking to college students about her process
Large wall piece referencing the wrought iron windows