A close up of small pink flowers and leaves in warm light

Screenshot from “We’ve created these invisible systems and structures” (2021)


These things are ok now

These things are ok now is a reflective, narrative video created by filmmaker Sophie Broadgate. It combines text, close up footage of Sophie’s own body, and elements of nature to form an intimate contemplation of herself.

Through gentle affirmations, meandering thoughts, and fun facts that run alongside close ups of petals, skin, tree bark, and a belly button, These things are ok now is a brief moment of self acceptance. 

Made in 2020 during the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the slow, meditative pace feels like a pause; a personal insight at a time of mass self reflection. For Sophie, this time caused a wave of unprocessed memories, trauma, and experiences. After the wave settled she found herself in a state of peace and acceptance.

Through listing characteristics that she used to dislike about herself that she now accepts, Sophie has gathered and processed her thoughts in order to let them go. The words form a stream of consciousness, almost like verbal vomit, that lets both Sophie, and the audience know that these things are ok now. 


A GIF of 3 images that rotate every 2 seconds: 1: A close up of human naval with belly button and the caption “their mouths designed so they can open wide” 2: A close up of tree bark and the caption “that I spend so much time analysing human behaviour” 3: A long green leaf lies on top of grass, in partial sunlight, with the caption “I retreat to my imagination for comfort, this is ok too”. 

Screenshots from These things are ok now

Through contemplating human behaviour, interactions, and our internal, and external, selves, These things are ok now is a film about beginning to accept elements of yourself. For Sophie specifically, it is about beginning to accept herself as a woman, a queer person, and an autistic person. 

For On Repeat, These things are ok now was shown alongside two other video works in an Online Screening.

We shared elements from this exhibition, and the rest of our programme across our digital platforms. To get a sense of the live programme check out our highlights on Instagram.



Artist Sophie Broadgate standing in sea with hill landscape in the background, wearing shorts and teal t-shirt. She is bending forward with a large sound recorder and headphones.

Sophie Broadgate

Sophie Broadgate is a Cumbrian, Barrow based filmmaker / artist whose work spans across film, photography and poetry. Her current work and research revolves around the questioning of societal norms, neurodivergent experiences, autism, gender, our relationships to natural landscapes and queerness. 

She hopes that her work acts as a catalyst for more emotionally open conversations, understanding and empathy. Her work is reflective and slow paced, leaving room for audiences to process their own experiences.

She has shown her work in both film festival and gallery settings, including: Manchester Film festival, BFI Flare, Queer Lisboa, Palace International festival and The Lowry. 


Additional Credits:

Emily Wilson – additional cinematographer

Dean Jones – composer


Screenshot from “We’ve created these invisible systems and structures” (2021)

A hand removing the lid off a crystal decanter in front of a window, surrounded by leafy plants, and reflecting bright, shimmering light.

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