Above: Duddon Estuary Guided Walk, part of Art Gene’s Extreme Views programme, 2019, photo Anna Litchfield


Restorative Futures

Sarah Perks, Writer and Consultant, featured Art Gene in her article in September’s Art Monthly, titled Restorative Futures.

In it Perks explores artist-led practices and “wonders whether these grassroots activities might be recognised as providing a positive model for addressing today’s challenges while avoiding predatory regeneration schemes”.

Featuring Art Gene’s Extreme Views programme, and Artist Katie Anderson’s playful Barrow Tarot, created whilst in residence with Art Gene, ‘fortune telling for a future town’.



Sarah said

“Art Gene is really at the forefront of the type of art organisation essential for a more equitable and sustainable future. I’m ashamed to say I had not been familiar with the work of Art Gene before this year, and I was bowled over to learn about the organisation and discover their wealth of projects, experience and engagement.

I feel the contemporary visual art infrastructure in the UK is starting to pay close attention and develop alternative value systems around more than just commercial or topical interests.”




Above: Artist Kate Anderson’s Barrow Tarot, created whilst in residence with Art Gene, 2020, photo courtesy of the artist


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