Kev Bell

Board of Trustees

Having grown up in Barrow and then lived in culturally diverse cities such as London and Manchester, Kev returned to his roots to take up a post with the Local Authority as a Health & Wellbeing Coach. Kev works with marginalised groups and individuals who are often socially isolated. Using Asset Based Community Development – a strategy of sustainable community-driven development, and focusing on people’s strengths – he seeks to develop self-resilience and bring about positive change.

When mapping local community based assets, Kev was particularly struck by the work of Art Gene; intrigued by their approach of creating and developing the local environment and bringing cultural relevance through processes which seek to enrich individuals and communities. Being actively involved in some Art Gene projects has reaffirmed Kev’s belief in the need to strengthen communities. He is therefore excited to work with Art Gene to support their development within this sphere.

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