Dr Carlos López Galviz

My work looks at futures thinking and future forming through the lens of cities, ruins and infrastructure. I have studied cities like London, Paris and Shanghai, using history as a means of thinking about what theories and which methods are relevant to understanding their future today and in the past. I am interested in research that is comparative and collaborations that combine disciplinary rigour with cross-disciplinary openness.

Art Gene have an emerging project, working with Carlos, called Reconfiguring Ruins.
Questions around ‘doing justice’ to ruins have been central to recent scholarship on the subject. Recently funded RCUK projects have approached ruins by developing new modes of engagement such as ‘creative non-fiction’ and ‘eco-biography’. Re-configuring Ruins takes these approaches further by combining an experimental practical approach with a theoretical perspective that draws on a wide range of disciplinary skills and methods, as well as the work and approach of our non-HEI partners: Museum of London Archaeology and the New Bridge Project, Newcastle. Our key aim is to reflect on and develop innovative modes of engagement that are consequent with the different materialities, processes and mediations of ruins.

We will post more on our project pages as this develops, but in the meantime, you can visit the project website here.