Duddon Estuary Guided Walk, led by Naturalist Pete Burton

Part of Extreme Views Pt. 2


“A fantastic day with good company, great guide and a delicious lunch. I have lived in Askam most of my life, but never done the crossing. Thank you for coming to Askam and really show casing our village. We all appreciate it’s beauty and quirkiness, it is nice to share it with others.”

Extreme Views participant


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Extreme Views Guided Walk across Duddon Estuary on Sunday 7 July 2019. Thanks to Pete Burton and Duddon Inshore Rescue who guided us safely across the Estuary, and to RSPB Hodbarrow for extreme views!

60 locals from Askam, Millom, Walney, Ulverston, Barrow and the surrounding areas made the journey from Askam, guided across Duddon Estuary by Naturalist Pete Burton, before being greeted by Art Gene with hot food at RSPB Hodbarrow. It was a rare and memorable opportunity to cross the Estuary, followed by shared food and truly ‘extreme’ views from Hodbarrow Point as the tide rushed back in.  £330 was raised towards local voluntary organisation Duddon Inshore Rescue, who joined participants for the walk across the sands and were on hand for the 1m deep wade at low tide.

Thank you for sharing your views about your place.


below, ‘Extreme’ Views from Hodbarrow Point, photo Maddi Nicholson

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