Above:  Bug-Out, artwork by Stuart Bastik



Low Carbon Barrow

Art Gene in partnership with Barrow Borough Council has successfully brought in £1.75M through the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership and European Regional Development Fund to the borough, to deliver a 2 year programme of low carbon initiatives and events for the town.

The programme Low Carbon Barrow, ‘Real Barrow; No more hot air’  will deliver climate engagement events over 2 years as well as fabricating an artists designed, touring Islands ‘Bug-Out’ to engage communities in climate issues.


Artist’s Design Statement/ Design Brief

We’re seeking expressions of interest for the design & build of ‘Bug-Out’, a mobile lab and low carbon technologies demonstration vehicle for Low Carbon Barrow.

Bug-Out is a touring sculpture, designed by Art Gene’s Artist Directors Stuart Bastik & Maddi Nicholson, to engage communities in climate change issues, promote the programme and demystify off-grid technologies and low carbon lifestyles, out and about in Furness and South Cumbria.

The term ‘Bug-Out’ became synonymous with military retreat and latterly the pack of needs for that retreat. Here Bug-Out will have solar panels, a wind turbine and act as an outdoor environmental engagement lab, with growing, outdoor kitchen and accommodation. All your needs for a 22nd century environmental retreat.

Bug-Out will comprise two small, mobile, multifunctional, rotating spaces and an electric support vehicle to tow them. They will transport staff and equipment to a range of event sites within Barrow Borough, and may be used singly or as a pair for larger events.


Emblem Extreme Views and Bug Out


Apply for tender

The contract for Bug-Out fabrication is out to tender. If you are interested in applying please find more information in the Design Brief and Concept Designs which can be downloaded below. Deadline 19th August 2021.





Above: Roker Pods, design by NicholsonBastik

Our experience

The Roker Pods were designed in 2009 for Sunderland City Council, and built by fabricators Millimeter. These movable, multifunctional pods were created for Roker coastline, acting as education, shower, performance, cafe, information and viewing spaces. The Roker Pods aspired to to the highest contemporary design standards, as well as zero carbon in mind. Read about the Roker Pods Design and Build process. 


The design

Food Futures and Biodiversity is the key project delivery theme – within which technologies are a key component within the design and build contract.

Where possible all aspects of that technology should be visible to the public – anything from solar hot water to turbine controllers. It will be important for visitors to see how much power is being generated by the turbine and how much by the solar panels for instance.

Each of the structures should be built from lightweight, sustainable materials wherever possible with the aim of creating a well insulated habitable space which can withstand the rigours of our windy coastal environment.


Above: Detail, concept design drawings for Low Carbon Barrow Bug-Out, copyright Art Gene, Stuart Bastik




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