For On Repeat, Art Gene hosted an ongoing group exhibition created by artist Marianne Vieules. Thirteen point one billion light years is the first collective exhibition in space, and it is located as the title suggests, 13.1 billion light years away!

Everyone is welcome to participate, simply follow the link below and drag or drop your artwork into the unknown. Once submitted, the only traces of the work that will remain are its title, the artist’s name, its weight, and the file format; transforming visual art into a basic, textural description.

“It’s a black hole. It is a place and an absence of place. Anything could be hanged, dropped, thrown, carried, brought.” – foshiagi, exhibiting artist

There are no limitations to what, and how much, anyone can send.  Everything will be considered as a piece of art; and anyone who submits their work will be able to include the exhibition on their CV or resume.



A white outline of a tilted black oval labeled “XB-1 6.236GB” on a black background surrounded by large blue text that reads: “CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART IN THE FIRST COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION IN SPACE!  AND BE THE HOTTEST ARTIST IN SPACE!” in the left-hand corner in much smaller text reads: “In a blackhole, thirteen point one billion light years away: 1. No application needed 1. anyone is an artist 3. There is no visitor, send anything you want: it’s a piece of art! 4. Add it to your resume!


Thirteen point one billion light years began with the question ‘What would art look like inside a black hole?’. By removing all visible aspects of each work, the exhibition becomes a mass of invisible art that is transported into our collective imagination.

While this is an inevitable consequence of sending anything into a blackhole, it was also an ecological and legal consideration. By retaining only the minimum technical information, Marianne has eliminated the need for online storage, and the energy that this would use, along with any potential copyright infringements. 

For artists participating in Thirteen point one billion light years, it functions as a joyful, voluntary loss, that transforms artwork into an opportunity that can make a small contribution to each artist’s career. Without the barrier of entry fees, limited space, or the preferences of selection panels, this open access exhibition acts as an experiment in radical inclusion. 


You are welcome to continue to submit work to Thirteen point one billion light years.

We shared elements from this exhibition, and the rest of our programme across our digital platforms. To get a sense of the live programme check out our highlights on Instagram.


An animation of a tilted black oval labeled “Blackhole 1.179TB” on a white background. Two files are dropped on the screening, and they transform into dots labelled “SpaceSaumon! image 2019-12-5-15-2-44.png 81.47KB” and “SpaceSaumon! image 2019-12-5-15-0-53.png 67.455KB”. They drift towards the blackhole then disappear. Two similarly labeled files titled “SweetOnion” appear and the process is repeated. On the right hand side a column of text with labels and dates update as the files disappear.



Marianne Vieules wearing black turtleneck, long purple skirt, standing in front of blue background with a red circle above her head.


Marianne Vieulès is a French artist who lives and works on Earth. She manipulates different levels of truths throughout all of her works, especially a slightly mysterious and flexible truth she obtains using imagination and fabrication.With humor, she tells stories, using different media, such as video, installation, sculptures, writings, games, electronics, computation and ephemeras. 

Some of her works are done, undone, not meant to be done, just ideas or in constant fabrication.

During her adventures, she goes alone to space, rehabilitates women from the computation history, directs penguins playing Beckett’s pieces, and plays baseball with hollywood actors and actresses to call on UFOs.

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