Julie O’Neill 

‘All the other things that we are’.


Image – Juile O’Neill

This first exhibition with Julie O’Neill (b 1970) is an invitation to respond to Barrow and its landscapes. The exhibition follows Marchon: ‘Home From Home’ O’Neill’s solo exhibition at The Beacon, in Whitehaven in 2023.

This exhibition invites us to question notions of identity and legacy relating to the subjects of home and work places – the fluid and fixed nature of these and how they manifest through socio-political, creative and philosophical lenses.


Agamemnon – Julie O’Neill


The work explores the forms legacy can take, how identity can shift and morph, the dominant and peripheral components in our landscapes and how they harmonise.

In his book Minima Moralia (1951) Theodor Adorno asserts how aphorisms ‘furnish models for a future exertion of thought’. 

Aphorisms as vehicles of expression appear throughout the exhibition, entangled within the work and the research. Their purpose is multifaceted: acting as catalysts to encourage dialogue and reflection on past identities, suggestions for tangible forms including objects (as anchors of memory) and invitations to re-imagine future identities.


Agincourt – Julie O’Neill

Julie O’Neill was born in West Cumbria and resides in Birmingham and the West Midlands, since 1996. They have primarily worked in engaged arts, focusing strongly on the themes of home and work places. These routes have been shaped by West Cumbria’s cultures, customs and rich industrial past.

They have exhibited work in the UK and Europe including Sweden, Poland and Holland.




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