Above: Hannah’s ‘Last Supper’ in the polutunnel at the Isle of Walney Community Growing Space, photo Charlie MacKeith



Hannah’s ‘Last Supper’ (for 2019) and the Allotment Soup Zine


birds, soil, food, walks, weeds, trees, bread, potatoes and land


On Saturday 7th December 2019, a three course meal served in the poly tunnel at the Isle of Walney Community Growing Space marked Allotment Soup Project Artist Hannah Brackston’s last visit for the year, and the completion of the Allotment Soup Zine. Invited guests included 20 allotment members and people who have contributed their time, energy and expertise into the project since 2015. Three delicious veg filled courses prepared by Hannah all featured produce grown on the allotment, pumpkin soup and lentil stew topped off with blackberry bakewell tart.

The Allotment Soup Zine features sketches, notes and research by Hannah throughout her time as artist in residence, and was gifted to everyone at the event. A collection of 10 zines explore different themes including birds, soil, food, walks, weeds, trees, bread, potatoes and land is bound in a handmade brown paper envelope as an edition of 100. Opened out fully each zine features a poster promoting the importance of our local natural assets.

A huge thank you to Hannah for her creativity and work as Allotment Soup project artist in residence. See you in 2020 Hannah!




Above: Pumpkin Soup made and served from a pumpkin grown on the allotment, photo Charlie MacKeith
Below: Blackberry Bakewell tart made with allotment bramble jam, photo Derek Bradley


Above and below: Allotment Soup Zine by Hannah Brackston, photos Anna Litchfield

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