Tracing Shadows

Art Gene is delighted to present newly commissioned work led by artist Patricia MacKinnon-Day, made in collaboration with poet Kim Moore & composer Nick Rogers.

Extreme Views

Extreme Views Exhibition brings together recent works created throughout Art Gene’s Extreme Views programme in collaboration with resident practitioners exploring discursive provocations in the landscape.


STUFF presents recent Art Gene projects, reflecting on research around the social, natural & built environment, uncovering hidden and ‘Seldom Seen’ assets of the Morecambe Bay area.

It’s not as rough as it used to be….

Like Art Gene, UHC is interested in exploring the social, natural and built environment and in particular the social effects of regeneration in the North West. We have distinctly different approaches to this work however – where Art Gene has worked closely with local regeneration bodies, UHC tend to take a more ‘outsider’ approach, confronting the regeneration industry as a critical outsider/activist.


Sayaka was the second artist from Japan to come to Art Gene. Our Research Residency Programme began a year earlier with Tamotsu Murakami. Both artists’ residencies were coordinated by Nori Mitzuki who traveled to Art Gene towards the end of Sayaka’s residency and was able to attend the opening of her exhibition ‘ALUKU’ in the Art Gene Gallery.

Welcome to Paradise

The ‘new’ Art Gene Gallery is the culmination of over five years work to achieve a more functional and inspirational space through which we can share our research and engage our visitors.

The First

The First, was a ground breaking leap of faith bringing contemporary art and a new contemporary art gallery to Barrow and its communities for the first time (see Art Gene Gallery page). It was the beginnings of testing Art Gene’s brokerage between the populations around Barrow-in-Furness and the role, or the then lack of a… Read more »


‘Shift’ an International touring exhibition of European Video Art, featuring new works by Sigrid Coggins (France), McCormack and Gent (UK), Alli Maria Savolainen (Finland) and Alexander Steig (Germany).

‘Shift’ was developed in partnership with Imagepassages: Annecy, France, FORO ARTISTICO: Hannover, Germany and Av-Arkki: Helsinki, Finland and toured to the four partner countries. Art Gene being the British partner venue.

Recalling Belvedere

A Belvedere is any structure built to take advantage of a view. There are many examples of this in Barrow but strangely the vast majority of the town tends to turn its back on the water and views of its islands

Out of Place

This exhibition highlighted the sometimes jarring juxtaposition of cultures, events and imagery in a world somehow now ‘out of place’.

When we Were Here

‘When We Were Here’ is an exhibition of new and existing works by 6 (inter)national artists who were all artists in residence at Art Gene during 2005/6. Including Installation, Photography, Sculpture, and Video work ‘When We Were Here’ presents an insight into what can happen when artists spend time making work in a new environment.

Flying Project

We first met Tamotsu Murakami in ‘The Year of Japan’ (2001) whilst he was undertaking a twelve month research residency at Tate Modern, London. The Tokyo based sculptor, having seen our studios and gallery on a brief visit, agreed to returned to England to undertake a residency at Art Gene in 2002 and make a major new sculpture: ‘Airship in Barrow’, which was exhibited in the Art Gene Gallery alongside other specially imported works.

Art Gene Open Prize 2007

In 2004 we decided to try and make our own contribution to a widely identified need to showcase and raise the profile of artists across the North West of England and established the first NW Open Prize in 2005.

International Enquirer

This exhibition celebrated artists who, in different ways, have decided to define their own path and create opportunities for themselves as well as for others; either other artists or wider and more diverse communities.

Your Future Needs You

Your Future Needs You was at once an exhibition showcasing some of the artists, architects and others engaged in delivering live research at Art Gene and at a space set up to facilitate engagement events and consultation.

NW Open Prize 2005

In 2004 Art Gene decided to try and make our own contribution to a widely indentified need to showcase and raise the profile of artists across the North West of England and established the first NW Open Prize in 2005. Building on the success of this first Open Prize exhibition we later extended the remit to include artists from the North East for the Art Gene Open Prize 2007.