Top image: A Small Shed of Curiosities / Blue Shed
By Hannah Brackston, in collaboration with Stuart Bastik, Mathew Lipton, John and CWT volunteers.


Whilst Artist-in-Residence on South Walney, Hannah Brackston learnt that the island’s population over the years, had each amassed a collection of interesting and curious objects. But there was no place to share these finds…

Image above: A Small Shed of Curiosities/ Blue Shed – collection detail (labels by warden and volunteers)


A Small Shed of Curiosities/ Blue Shed

“Most people who spend time living or working on the reserve also become collectors of the things they observe and the oddities that get washed up. There was however little space to show or enjoy this stuff with others. During conversations with people working on the reserve, we discussed their ideas for displays or mini museums. From this starting point, we worked for a day with the wardens to begin to transform one of their small blue sheds into a ‘Wardens’ Cabin of Curiosity,’ a lightly curated collection of stones, shells, stuffed birds and skulls that might give the flavour of the reserve in a raw and accessible way. 

We introduced some simple adaptations that could be made to the space and provided jars and bits I had gathered whilst walking. The cabin was then latterly completed by the wardens, with the addition of laminated labels and is now opened daily for visitors to peek into and add their own finds to. 

In a similar way to the ‘Sunday Cake Club,’ this simple ‘Blue Shed’ experiment was also about testing ideas that could later be developed as recommendations in the Masterplan.”

Hannah Brackston, 2016


Image below:
A Small Shed of Curiosities/ Blue Shed – collection detail (labels by warden and volunteers)