Seldom Seen – Designing the App

Developing the apps took place over a 2 year period, with the final versions being completed and launched in October 2016. The process involved site visits, historical research, familiarisation with the Art Gene archive for each site, public consultation, product development think tank sessions and on and offsite product testing.

Join in on our sessions with PAN and test users to gather feedback about user experiences and brainstorm all the potentials such apps could include.

Development Videos


Featuring Matt Sanderson and Sophie Cringle
Matt describes his approach to constructing the apps.


Featuring Janice Wilson, Roger Baker and Vic Brown.


Featuring Wendy Rowe, Matt Sanderson, Colin Aldred, Sophie Cringle,  Louise Martin, Janis Wilson and Roger Baker


Featuring Sophie Cringle,  Louise Martin,  Janis Wilson and Roger Baker.


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The Seldom Seen Series of Maps and Apps, have been supported by the National Trust, RSPB, Natural England and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.