Art Gene Mission Statement

An important Part of Readiness is Opportunity

To embrace, develop and manage risk taking, skills sharing, trust and innovation, through multidisciplinary partnership working thereby creating opportunities for the empowerment of communities allied to increased responsibility so-as-to secure an informed, resilient, robust and truly sustainable approach to ongoing and progressive change…

Change which stimulates a proactive and creative approach to problem solving allowing the Re-Visioning of commonly held (often global) perceptions and approaches which are all too often applied bluntly and limit the development and realisation of untapped yet available options in the Re-Visioning of our present and future.

We favour options which create opportunities to develop symbiotic, socially, rather than purely economically driven regeneration. We see current orthodox worldwide economic regeneration models as limited by substantially defining people as either ‘the workforce’ or consumer thereby subjugating them to the status of servants to a remote and all-powerful ‘machine’. The tendency to fixate on the impossible dream of endless economic growth as a driver currently seems to be encouraging a continued and ever extended use of carbon-based, non-renewable resources, which our climate, environment and economies can ultimately ill afford.

We aim to create projects which stimulate sustainable, self sufficient, locally distinctive economies and cultures: to redefine ‘growth’ through designing appropriately scaled infrastructure and projects which increase the quality of life; the self reliance and resilience of individuals and communities.

“our global economy the significance of the nation-state is shrinking. The key units are regions competing on a global scale. The regions that will thrive in the future are those that maintain the greatest diversity within their boundaries: vital central cities and local centers; beautiful open spaces; a respect for historical identity to balance innovation; a mix of different transportation systems; and a system of culture and education that mobilizes the talents of all of their populations. Creating and maintaining this regional pluralism is the vital task of urbanism everywhere.”

Robert Fishman: Beyond Utopia: Urbanism After the End of Cities


The current global recession can be seen as warning shot across the bows of a society seemingly hell bent of self-destruction. However it has to some degree led to an uncertain breathing space in the field of regeneration and there is more than a suspicion that the failed crop of the past requires the re-seeding of a fundamentally different approach to regeneration to achieve a sustainable future.

Art Gene believes that this is an opportune moment to redefine orthodox working relationships: the constitution of the ‘design team’: it’s working approach and aspirations towards a Re-visioning of Utopia… and beyond

Stuart Bastik: Re-Visioning Utopia: Discussion Paper, 2009


 Image below: Rendered image of the Roker Pods by Art Gene’s Nicholson and Bastik.
An edition of 3 movable pods, commissioned by Sunderland City Council, which harness the renewable energy sources of their site.