Charrette – Re-Visioning Utopia Event Diary
Day One – Itinerary – Wednesday 15th July

3.30 pm Arrival and Light Refreshments
Welcome Packs handed out with Local Maps and information about Art Gene. Health and Safety info etc. Find your name on one of the Team Tables and place your Briefing Pack Box on the table along with anything else you will need whilst working at Art Gene (i.e. Laptop or Pens). DO NOT share the contents of your Briefing Pack with other participants at this stage. Put on the name badge provided which marks your seat and workspace – you will need to wear this throughout the Charrette

Presentation One:
Maddi Nicholson & Stuart Bastik Artist/Founder Directors of Art Gene Slide Show (30mins) about the work of Art Gene. 6:00 pm Brief round table introductions by each participant. Question and Answer Session 6:30 pm Field Trip One: A short Guided Orientation Tour of the Town Centre, Key Regeneration sites and Islands of Barrow by mini bus and cars 8:30 pm Evening Meal at Art Gene and a chance to look at and informally discuss the contents of everyone’s Briefing Packs

Day Two pt1 – Itinerary – Thursday 16th July

8.00 am
Pick Up from Accommodation (for those without their own transport)

8.15 am 
Morning Coffee and informal Individual & Team Discussion

8.30 am
Field Trip Two: (The Built Environment)
Tour of Art Gene Building led by Maddi Nicholson and Stuart Bastik – an opportunity to take photographs, make notes, record impressions & ask questions

9.30 am
Exploratory session – based on Briefing Packs and Photo-wall in Gallery

11.30 am
Field Trip Three: (The Built) Visit a typical Barrow Terraced House – an opportunity to take photographs and make notes, record impressions, talk to people who live in terraced housing and meet and have Lunch with members of Barrow Borough Council’s HMR and Regeneration Teams

12.30 pm
Picnic Lunch in a Terraced house back alley (weather permitting)

1.30 pm
Return to Art Gene for continue exploratory session – based on Briefing Packs and Photo-wall in Gallery

Day Two pt2 – Itinerary – Thursday 16th July

4.00 pm Field Trip Four:
(The Natural) Visit Roan Head (National Trust) renowned for its population of Natterjack Toads and Sand Dunes and beautiful Beach with a mountain backdrop.

4.15 pm.
It is hoped we will have the opportunity to meet with the Head Warden Pete Burton who will explain a little about this rich habitat and the work of the National Trust in maintaining it.

5.00 pm
Mass swim and paddle – bring your arm bands! Light Refreshments and toilet break. Please note toilet facilities at the Eco shed are limited to one composting toilet with limited capacity.

6.00 pm
Walk to Lowsy Point in individual Groups. You will be provided with a map and asked make your way to Stuart Bastik’s Shed for dinner by 8.00 pm

An opportunity to explore the sand dunes, vernacular architecture and beach 8.00 pm (‘til late but including the following). Help prepare dinner at Stuart Bastik’s off grid eco-shed home. One of a series of former fisherman’s cabins on Lowsy Point now a National Trust Site. Please note: Seafood will be served. Please ensure you have informed us of any special dietary needs before arriving in Barrow.

9.00 pm
Our Evening Plenary session will take place at the shed – led by Tom Lonsdale, Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson

10.00 pm
Social time individuals and groups

From 10.30 – 11.30 pm
4 x 4 Transport will be available to return small groups to accommodation or their vehicles as needed

After 11.30pm you are welcome to stay on a while longer but will be expected to walk to the nearest road and return to hotels by taxi or your own transport

Day Three pt1-  Itinerary Friday – 17th July

8.00 am
Pick Up from Accommodation (for those without their own transport)

Morning Coffee and Individual Team Discussions

9.30 am
Field Trip Five: (The Natural) Drive to Walney Island and Walk to Piel Island across Sands at Low Tide Drive from Art Gene: Whistle Stop Tour taking in Submarine Sheds, Walney Channel and a jetty, RNLI tower, The Round House, Biggar Village, Beach and views of the offshore wind-farm and town across the water

11.00 am
for 12.02 Low Tide Low Tide Walk to Piel Island across the Sands. Visit Piel Castle dating from 1237 (English Heritage) and the Pub owned by the Borough Council.

12.30 pm
Individual Teams find an interesting site to eat their Picnic Lunch on Piel Island. A site which may be used for a planned project. Time will be limited as we will have to return before high tide- Individual Teams devise an efficient method to explore the island and undertake research. There must always be a minimum of two people together

2.00 pm
Return Walk across Sands (or by ferry to Roa Island) and on to Art Gene

Day Three pt2 – Itinerary – Friday 17th July

3.00 pm
Working in Gallery or Art Gene’s Quadrangle Garden. A chance to revisit Town Centre sites on foot if desired and begin developing design concepts through drawing writing and model making

8.00 pm
Presentation Two: Manuel Tardits, Architect: Mikan, Tokyo Mikan’s concepts for the repurposing of Terraced Housing following a recent collaborative Fellowship undertaken by all four partner architects with Art Gene. These concepts will form the basis of a forthcoming housing handbook for Barrow which offers homeowners and tenants alternative ways of approaching improving and renovating their homes.

8.30 pm
Evening Meal at Art Gene

9.30 pm
Evening Plenary session followed by individual group discussion time – plenary led by Annie Atkins, Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson

10.30 / 11.30 pm
Transport available to ferry small groups at a time to various accommodation as needed. Please let us know before you leave if your team will be requiring transport (and to where) for self-directed team field trips on Saturday (tomorrow)

Day Four – Itinerary Saturday – 18th July

8.00 am
Pick Up from Accommodation (for those without their own transport)

9.00 am
Self-Directed Team Research Transport for each individual team offered for team field trips where necessary. Each team develops concepts for: • Enhancing the use of Art Gene’s Building as a facility for effectively improving the quality of design in the regeneration of the social natural and built environment • Concepts for the repurposing of Terraced Housing

8.30 pm
Evening Meal at Art Gene

9.30 pm
Groups finalise concepts and prepare for their formal presentation on Sunday

11.30 pm
Transport to accommodation. Participants are welcome to stay on into the early hours but must make their own arrangements to return to their accommodation (e.g. Taxi)

Day Five – Itinerary – Sunday 19th July

8.00 am
Pick Up from Accommodation (for those without their own transport)

8.15 – 9.15am
Morning Coffee whilst teams put the final touches to their presentations

9.15- 11.15am
Team presentations to participants and invited guests with Q&A re: each presentation

11.15 – 11. 30am
Summary of the Charrette findings – Tom Lonsdale

11.30 – 12.00 noon
Any final house-keeping re: the future publication of the Charrette findings and process The value of the Charrette and where to next for Art Gene – Maddi Nicholson and Stuart Bastik Feedback from participants to include:
Insights gained in cross-sector working practice
Insights gained into own sector professional practice
Wider, strategic insights into developing a Barrow by Design
Strengths and weaknesses of this Charrette process, suggestions for the next

12 noon
Formal closing of the Charrette – Maddi Nicholson and Stuart Bastik

12 noon
onward Participants are welcome to stay for an informal hour of conversation, drinks and nibbles

Building closes



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