Art Gene are pleased to announce the Extreme Views Exhibition 2019.  The show will showcase work produced by the Art Gene team and Extreme Views Artists-in-Residence 2018-19.  This exhibition brings together film, photography, installation works’ and knowledge achieved through project activity and the Extreme Views events.


The exhibition will be opened by Barrow Mayor Bill McEwan and Jane Beardsworth, Senior Manager North from the Arts Council on:

Thursday 4th April, 5.30pm – 8.30pm



Please RSVP –


The exhibition includes work from :

Stuart Bastik, Maddi Nicholson, Louise Adkins, Clara Casian, David Haley, Rachel Capovila,

Di McGhee, Sophie Lindsey


Exhibition continues Tuesday 9th – 13th, 12pm – 6pm. 




Exhibition open by appointment for schools and community groups

Tues 16th – Fri 19th April


Download Extreme Views Exhibition Flyer here.


‘Extreme Views’ seeks to forge a commonality of purpose through hearing conflict at the grass roots – Navigating the no man’s land which lies between different interests, agendas and demands on space: Industrial – Social – Environmental.

To gather and respond to that collective intelligence – imaginatively devising strategies and projects which empower whole communities to build sustainable, locally relevant and meaningful change.

We need to recognise and learn from the cultures which thrive within our communities and stop telling them they are deprived and excluded because they don’t recognise, engage with or particularly value ‘ours’.

The next stage in human evolution (if there is to be one) is, I believe, not about finding creative ways to maintain the status quo. It is about making creativity ubiquitous, powerful, purposeful and ultimately influential in that it should change the why and way we live.

The traditional drivers of social cohesion have been lost and we need to reinvent some for our time…

There is no place for egos, economic growth driven models, endless oppositional conflict and class wars in forming sustainable futures – it’s a moral act – but not a selfless one – ultimately there is no survivable future without a shared outwardly collaborative, steady and persistent cooperation – one driven by the realisation that

Sustainability lies in the actions of whole communities…

That means working with the folk you trust and especially the folk you don’t trust – those which share your values and those that don’t.

‘Extreme Views’ begins with deep listening, respect, sharing food, open debate, a mutual valuing of place, the will to cooperate, to learn from each other and an ability to change ones mind.

In 2018 we commissioned Louise Adkins, Clara Casian and Dr David Haley to collaborate with Art Gene to develop work to add value to the Extreme Views Programme: to draw out, respond to, and engage with grass roots cultural activity as a means through which to reveal a locally distinctive connection with place. To celebrate a different perspective, add to our collective understanding and grow wider perceptions of how our communities engage with and perceive their environment – the social, natural and built features of our place.

Stuart Bastik 2019

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