The panel discussion was chaired by Adam Sutherland of Grizedale Arts and featured, Charles Blanc (architect) & Tristan Surtees (artist) of Sans Façon, Alastair Snow, arts consultant and Charles Quick artist and co-curator of In Certain Places.

The event was facilitated by Kate Brundrette who brought together speakers from across the UK to discuss issues around art Gene’s research remit

‘The role of artists, architects and communities in the regeneration of the social, natural and built environment.’

In a context where efforts to regenerate our towns an cities are increasingly having an impact on our lives, the engagement and role of artists is still often misunderstood and seen as an afterthought. What happens when creative thinking and new ideas become part of the process in the early stages of planning our urban spaces? How do collaborations between planners, architects, communities and artists work best to generate sustainable developments and a shared sense of place?

The symposium presented current key debates and developments in the context of art and urban spaces. It was designed to assist and inform artists, public art officers, urban planners, architects, regeneration officers, developers and communities managing, delivering or experiencing the regeneration process and encourage an interest in working in new ways though illustrating the benefits.

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