Beyond Breaking Point

Beyond Breaking Point is our current digital programme curated by artist Sophie Lindsey. It will run between March-June 2022, and consist of a series of online exhibitions, events and interventions exploring relationships to work and sustainability.

Aminder Virdee – Eco-Crip

Aminder’s project Eco-Crip is the final piece for Beyond Breaking Point. Taking the form of images and GIFs it combines botanical drawings, Punjabi scripture and personal x-rays to consider decolonisation, ecology and disability.

Paul Shortt – Signs for Doing Nothing

For Beyond Breaking Point artist Paul Shortt has created a series of seven, black and white, printable signs that you can colour in. These aim to question our relationship to work and productivity, by encouraging rest, avoidance and doing nothing.

Ruth Waters – Emotion Over Raisin

Ruth’s video Emotion Over Raisin intertwines acted scenes and found footage to recreate a group therapy session that focuses on mindfulness meditation. The film will be screened here at 7pm on Thursday 31 March.

Bingyi Liu – Manoeuvre

Bingyi’s video Manoeuvre is the opening piece for Beyond Breaking Point and will be screening here continuously throughout the programme. Through using a treadmill, Bingyi considers our relationship to routine, manipulation and exhaustion.

About Digital U

Digital U is an online exhibition space for artists working in digital media, including film, animation, video and sound. It’s a platform that selected artists take control of to exhibit their work: either presenting single artworks or a series.

Digital Notes

Digital Notes was our April 2021 programme, curated by artist Sophie Lindsey.  It explored themes of food, futures and biodiversity, ​while looking at note making as a method, practice, and process; as well as a starting point to plan and collect knowledge before taking action.

Sebastián Calfuqueo – Mapu Kufüll

Sebastián’s animated story Mapu Kufüll or Land Seafood, and accompanying Sustainable Mushroom Harvesting Guide, focuses on the cosmological perspective of the Mapuche people in relation to mushroom picking.

James Scott – raisin_things

James’ ongoing project raisin_things is centred around an interactive webpage that is a deep investigation into all things raisin. For Digital Notes, raisins infiltrated other digital spaces, through filters, QR codes, posts and a Raisin Mindfulness on Instagram live.  

Ashley Yuqi Zhang + Hua Zhang – Drawing with wind

Ashley and Hua’s collaborative project considers the intersection between human, nature and technology through working with a robotic drawing board that responds to live weather data to create abstract drawings.

Rebecca Chesney – View From Here

Rebecca Chesney presents for this online exhibition the moving image work, View From Here, and invites the viewer to hear from others their experience of recent worldwide events, accompanied by the view through her own window onto a fading evening sky.

RL Wilson – Raven/Glass

After a short hiatus, the Digital U is back with an online exhibition focusing on the work of RL Wilson presents the signal channel version of his moving image piece Raven/Glass (2013). For Raven/Glass (2013) (Single Channel version – 2015) RL Wilson builds on the modern mythical brackish narrative.

Jennifer Katanyoutanant – See you at 1

For this project presentation artist Jennifer Katanyoutanant will explore the world of mukbang, accompanied by a live onlline performative mukbang session with Art Gene’s audience, and invites all to join her at the dinner table to share a meal. * Online session takes place February 23rd (Sunday), 2020 at 1pm GMT.

David Lunt – “Quadrillion”

David Lunt’s “Quadrillion” presents the user with visions of the future through beautifully rendered video landscapes, depicting imagined alien worlds.

Vi Trinh – Escape

Escape is an interactive online horror video game that investigates the understanding of environments, and their impact on the human condition.

Angela Eames – Cycle

Cycle is a video series contemplating both the making and unmaking process, created by inter-disciplinary artist Angela Eames. Eames’s video series provides the user with visions into different spaces, each considering a different aspect of biological life’s fragility. Cycle is the first of 6 online Digital U exhibitions exploring environmental collisions.

Olivia Sullivan – Digital Liquid

Digital Liquid is the result of a continual experimentation process that involves combining analogue materials and textures with the digital medium. This new work is part of Olivia Sullivan’s ongoing 360 | fulldome video series, which aims to add organic elements to the overtly digital experience, creating a cinematic immersion.

Agorama – Server Co-op

Server Co-op aims to establish a p2p distributed platform for artist experimentation, using this network infrastructure to develop a grass roots autonomous model for digital communication.

Sarah Friend – Perverse Affordances

Sarah Friend explores the social relationship between popular global social media interfaces and the individual through the vision of a machine learning algorithm.

PILproject – The One – The Many

Post-Internet Landscapes (PILproject)  have embedded portals across our website highlighting the non-linear nature of cultural narratives.

Music for Hacked Geiger Counters by Ant Dickinson

In his Geiger Counter Series, (2017) Ant Dickinson hacks into the circuitry of Geiger counters to control and alter the pitch of the sounds emitted. It’s a physical sound sculpture, in which manipulated Geiger counters are played as electronic musical instruments.  

Augmented Reality by David Theobald

Technology and its impact on subjectivity lies at the heart of my practice. Consisting primarily of digital animation, my work and subject matter mirror the structure of the underlying technology used in its creation, perversely creating images of objects and experiences that we normally avoid experiencing.