a simple GIF of the words "Digital Notes" on the middle left side of lined paper. A computer cursor moves across the screen from the right hand side, pausing on each word. When it pauses "Notes" changes colour from reed to green, and "Digital" changes from red to blue. Repeats.


Digital Notes

Digital Notes was our digital programme in 2021. It was curated by artist Sophie Lindsey, and ran for 2 weeks in April 2021. It shared work from a selection of artists from an international open call.

Notes can take many forms. At school we’re expected to take them; we scribble them as friendly reminders so we don’t forget to put the bins out; and they endlessly accumulate on our phones.

They become our informal records and observations; a strategy for staying on top of things; and a tool for understanding. They are also a starting point, a space to plan and to collect knowledge before taking action.

Exploring themes of food, futures and biodiversity, ​Digital Notes looked at note making as a method, practice, and process, through work that, like notes, are brief but that demand attention, or to be noticed.

on food, futures, and biodiversity

Made up of artists selected from an open call at the beginning of 2021, this programme brought together different collections of ideas, observations and marks, ranging from the informal and personal, to the generous and surreal.

Drawing on ​Extreme Views, ​each art work questioned different systems, behaviours and relationships; from redefining borders and exploring personal connections to the land, to how technology mediates our experiences, and the significance/ insignificance of a dried grape.


Mind map drawn with marker pen that reads: Nature - collaboration - boarders - body - connecting places - curiosity - digital territories - cgi foraging - html - dehydrated grape - online / offline - weather


Through a series of webpages, live events and interventions, ​Digital Notes shared work/research from ​Sebastián Calfuqueo,​​ Amanda Gatti ​+ Gustiele Fistaról, James Scott,​ and ​Ashley Yuqi Zhang​ + Hua Zhang; ​along with notes from Digital Artist-Curator, Sophie Lindsey.


By intervening, elaborating and exploring the value of being in process, this programme aimed to contemplate how we make, adapt and share our ideas in pursuit of understanding.





Sebastián Calfuqueo 

Mapu Kufüll, an animated story that focuses on the cosmological perspective of the Mapuche people in relation to mushroom picking.

Amanda Gatti ​+ Gustiele Fistaról

Fronteiras: Território de Rupturas, a collaborative research project that investigates borders and how they relate to the body.

James Scott

raisin_things, an ongoing project centred around an interactive website that investigates all things raisin…

Ashley Yuqi Zhang​ + H​ua Zhang  

Drawing with winda collaborative project exploring the intersection between human, nature and technology through bringing together a robotic drawing board, live weather data and abstract drawing.


Programme 2021

5 April  –  Exhibitions go live!

8 April, 7pm  –  Shorts Screening,  3 short video works by Amanda Gatti ​+ Gustiele Fistaról, ​Ashley Yuqi Zhang​ + H​ua Zhang, and Sebastián Calfuqueo

14 April  – Raisin Mindfulness on Instagram live, as part of James Scott’s raisin_things


Elements from the exhibitions, and wider projects were shared across our digital platforms. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on our future activities.


hand holding a white lined cue card that reads: "Digital Notes, Reminders, Observations, a method, process, tool, practice, A starting point..." written in red, blue and green pen, held in front of a laptop on a desk.

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