David Lunt – “Quadrillion”

The Digital U is pleased to start 2020 with the dystopic work of David Lunt in his online exhibition entitled “Quadrillion”.

Bordering a cyberpunk themed vision of the future, Lunt presents the user with beautifully rendered video landscapes depicting alien worlds. Taking the form of corporate infomercials Lunt explores the notion of “What may come next?” as a follow-on question for humanity, if it survives its own planetary extinction. As Lunt’s stark narratives calls into question the destructive nature of our species, ideas on the Anthropocene come into view through the artist’s own words: “we will look upon the term ‘Terra’ completely differently, what will be considered ‘Home’, and what will be considered a ‘Natural Environment’ will alter and become far more varied and potentially extreme than ever could have been imagined and this is what I try to explore in the work submitted.” (David Lunt, 2020)

Lunt is a mix-medium artist working on the boundaries of traditional 2-D and new media and explores the fine line between that of science fiction and scientific fact. Utilising various 3-D modelling programs in conjunction with cartography Lunt has embodied “Quadrillion’s” alien landscapes with a surreal realism.

David Lunt’s “Quadrillion” is the third exhibition within the Digital U’s Extreme Views Pt.2 online exhibition series, exploring collisions of art and the environment.


Having celebrated 50 years of the moon landings in 2019, I am equally as interested to consider where exactly we may be as a species in the next 50. How might our perception of landscape, geography and of Earth itself change and what bizarre, challenging and hostile environments we may encounter.

– David Lunt


Terraforming Solutions


“As our information sources improve and become ever more complete, the need to create and conjure new places that are definitely off the map also grows.” (Off the Map- Lost spaces, invisible cities, forgotten islands, feral places and what they tell us about the world. Alastair Bonnett. Aurum Press ltd 2014)









The Future is Open for Business



David Lunt Bio

David Lunt is a Manchester born artist currently working at Bankley Studios in Levenshulme. He studied for a BA Fine Art (2000) and an MA Art and Design Studio Practice (2005) with Loughborough University. Lunt has exhibited his work at ‘FACT’ (Liverpool), Cornerhouse (now HOME Manchester), The Portico Library (Manchester) and The Harris Museum (Preston). In 2017 Lunt was shortlisted for the ‘Greater Manchester Art Prize’. More recently he has exhibited with London based astronomy collective ‘Lumen’ and has had work selected for the ‘University of Mary Washington’, Fredricksburg (US) ‘Media Wall’ Autumn program 2019.
David Lunt explores the fine line between science fact and science fiction and uses a combination of 2-D traditional pieces alongside digital sculpturing and animation. His work has focused on a number of subjects including cartography, astronomy, geology, exploration and the future of human survival with recent pieces based primarily on the discovery/study of planets and moons within our own solar system and beyond, their fascinating and bizarre landscapes and geologies and the potential they may hold.


Top video: David Lunt, Quadrillion (2019). Animation.
Bottom video: David Lunt, Exo-Planet Blues (2019). Animation.
Images: Courtesy of David Lunt.

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