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Art Gene are collaborating with The Delfinia Foundation, London and Cooking Sections.

For their first project in Barrow, Cooking Sections will be inviting a diverse group of local stakeholders to attend their CLIMAVORE performance dinner (March).

Top Image:  CLIMAVORE, oyster tables, Syke. Photo courtesy of the artists

CLIMAVORE Performance Dinner

Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) describe themselves as a duo of spatial practitioners. Based in London, their work explores the systems that organise the world through food.

For their first project in Barrow, Cooking Sections will be inviting a diverse group of local stakeholders to attend their CLIMAVORE performance dinner. Featuring guest speakers and food made and served by the artists, taking place in March.

A previous CLIMAVORE dinner took place in Skye (as pictured above).

The artists will cook local produce from in and around Furness, with the aim of exploring attitudes to food production and consumption in reaction to 
man-induced climatic and landscape changes.Using installation, performance, mapping and video, their research-based practice explores the overlapping boundaries between visual arts, architecture and geopolitics.
“To devour, -vore.
reads and eats landscapes following climatic alterations. Melting, heating, cooling, toxifying, drying, acidifying, salinising, condensing, rooting, diluting… New ecological cycles are appearing due to human-induced events. 
CLIMAVORE is a long-term project initiated by Cooking Sections to envision new systems of food production and consumption that react to the appearance of new seasons.
Different from the now obsolete cycle of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, CLIMAVORE rethinks the construction of imaginaries, landscapes and infrastructures by looking at how climatic alterations offer a new set of clues to adapt our diet, anxieties and desires to them: how to shift to drought-resistant vegetables in a period of water scarcity, how to cope with advancing and receding deserts, or how to foster dune stabilising vegetables in times of coastal flash floods.
Currently CLIMAVORE is focusing on the British seafront to rethink the contemporary environmental challenges for humans and other-than-humans along the British coastal waters.”

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