Nicholson Bastik

Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson began collaborating in 1996: creating a series of artworks on the sides of articulated lorries. The commission was inaugurated at Tate Britain, London before touring the country during the Year of Visual Art.

Nicholson and Bastik continue make works of art for exhibition individually and collaborate on works in the social, natural and built environment whilst leading Art Gene’s research with associate artists and architects (inter)nationally.

Alongside their commitment to Art Gene, the prolific Nicholson and Bastik continue to develop their practice as individual artists and since 1996 have been collaborating as N.B.


Roker Pods

Above image: Nicholson Bastik, Roker Pods, A CABE-Sea Change funded project Commissioned by Sunderland City Council.Rendered artwork by Peter Horrocks from an original drawing by Stuart Bastik

Above image: Nicholson Bastik, Roker Pods, A CABE-Sea Change funded project Commissioned by Sunderland City Council. Inner shells under construction by Millimetre, Brighton Jan 2012 Photo: Millimetre

Above image: Shower Pod: Rendered artwork by Peter Horrocks from an original drawing by Stuart Bastik

Above image: Nicholson Bastik, Roker Pods, A CABE-Sea Change funded project Commissioned by Sunderland City Council. Inner shells and cladding under construction by Millimetre, Brighton Jan 2012  Photos: Millimetre


The Roker Pods designed by Nicholson Bastik and built by Millimetre, Brighton have grown out of a response to the unique natural and industrial heritage of Sunderland and it’s coastline’s cannonball rock formations.

“Nicholson Bastik intended the pods should populate the coastline in the same way that people do: moving up and down the promenade and spilling onto the beach; ‘engaging’ in different activities and events throughout the year”.

Stuart Bastik

The three pods fulfill a range of functions including: education, shower, performance, information and act as viewing spaces.

We were fortunate to be able to collaborate with Marianne Heaslip, one of Art Gene’s Associate Architects; (Urbed ArchitectsManchester) who worked with us to take our original concept designs through to RIBA stage D. Marianne brought a wealth of knowledge to the project particularly with regard to alternative and off-grid technologies.

The project was managed by Grit and Pearl on behalf of Sunderland City Council.


Building Schools for the Future

Nicholson Bastik & Sans Facon
Concept for meeting spaces in school grounds
A ‘Building Schools for the Future’ project, 2007


Above image: Nicholson Bastik, A Little Bit of What you Fancy does You Good, Installation: meteorological balloons, sugar and video projection, commissioned for the Launch of the European Capital of Culture; Liverpool ‘08


European Capital of Culture

A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good is at once a simple architectural statement and an artwork responding to the baroque splendor of St George’s Hall, Liverpool. It demonstrates how past and present aesthetics can coexist and enhance each other.


The installation created by artists Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson was commissioned for the launch of the European Capital of Culture: Liverpool ’08.

Made from over sixty eight-foot meteorological balloons anchored by two tonnes of sugar, courtesy of Tate and Lyle. The piece is flooded with large projections: of a reminiscent of an hourglass, sugar pours into a cup of tea in a traditional blue and white pattern teacup until it disappears completely under a relentless rush of sugar.


This witty and engaging piece loops back and forth reflecting the excesses which exist in life and creation: continually done, undone and redone. Yet the cone’s purity belies that excess.

The installation as a whole is uplifting, aspirational and further expression of the artists’ long standing interest in architecture and their engagement in the regeneration of the social, natural and built environment.

Perhaps ‘all aesthetics are’… indeed, ‘remembered joy’


Kid Pod Outdoor Classroom

Kid Pod is a concept structure focused on learning through play identified by ‘OFSTED’ as demonstrating ‘the way forward’. The structure was designed to enhance teaching practice with under 5’s, through facilitating experiential learning in the outdoors.

Above image: Nicholson Bastik, Kid Pod, 2004

Kid Pod featured, facilities for independent and group learning with water, wet and dry sand pits, plant growing areas and a soft rubber safety floor.

Developed in partnership with a variety of industrial manufacturers willing to embrace a creative approach and stretch their existing products. The structure illustrates Nicholson and Bastik’s approach to design based on an in-depth understanding of the client resulting in socially responsive design.



Launching the Art Gene Gallery


Above image: Nicholson Bastik, The First’, 2002


Installation: Art Gene Gallery Inaugural Exhibition.

The First was created by Art Gene’s artist/founders to launch the then new Art Gene Gallery.

The installation featured light boxes, wall paintings and wordplay. The work examined issues surrounding the creation of life and artistic creation – innocence and accountability and the ways in which we try to cheat death through procreation, the making of art and religious belief.

Hindpool on Tour

Commissioned by Barrow Borough Council to develop a series of aspirational consultation initiatives with Barrow residents living in terraced housing ear-marked for demolition in some of the most economically deprived electoral wards in Europe.

Above image: Nicholson Bastik, Hindpool on Tour Manchester and Salford Trip, 2004


Residents of all ages joined the artists to see and discuss Contemporary Urban Design. Examples were chosen which the artists could discuss with enthusiasm in order to inspire and widen frames of reference to develop an informed view of the ‘positives’ in regeneration.


Ormsgill Outdoors

Maddi Nicholson began working as lead artist at Ormsgill Primary School Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria focusing on the development of the school’s extensive outdoor spaces as a learning resource.


Above image: Nicholson Bastik: Ormsgill Outdoors, Community School Eco-Centre: (In development) A Creative Partnerships Project


An in-depth consultation process led to a design brief and concept designs for the outdoors being developed by Stuart Bastik. The project includes learning through play facilities for the youngest children, and a whole community-school Eco Centre.


(Image below) Nicholson & Bastik are NO. ONE rosettes

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