Top image: Storytelling Lounge Poster, by Lisa Mee, 2009

Lisa Mee

Lisa Mee

Lisa Mee is an accomplished photographer, filmmaker, writer and sound artist, capturing moments in time and place through stories, photography and video works. We first became aware of Lisa’s practice when a piece of her work was selected for the North West Open Prize at Art Gene in 2005.

She has recently been creating video, sound and photographic works in Barrow featuring local people, capturing and mapping intimate stories which lie behind the memories and significance of place.

This page shows a small selection of photographs which accompany recorded stories and video works made available through the artist’s Storytelling Lounge.

The site also contains an interesting section which explains her practice through an introduction to Psychogeography


”Today, there are many individuals and groups using psychogeography for fun, and for professional reasons. Anyone can do psychogeography. It’s about finding something where you thought there was nothing. It’s a fun way to explore your own neighbourhood, or to discover a new place”.


Lisa is one of a number of artists whose ongoing practice in Barrow compliments Art Gene’s research base and we are pleased to be able to support her in the delivery of her projects locally through providing access to space and facilities.

Image above: Obsessed, by Lisa Mee, Photographic Print

Lisa Mee

Lisa Mee makes work that looks at the fictional, idiosyncratic, poignant, or humorous qualities that charge our urban environments and humanize the places we live.

She is particularly interested in the creative ways we make public and private space for ourselves, and how this forms the identity of place.

Her previous projects have frequently begun with journeys and conversations as performative research, and have resulted in photographic narratives, concept maps, tours, video installations, and live art interventions.

The Storytelling Lounge

The Storytelling Lounge is phase one of a two-phase project exploring the relationship between people and the places we live.

Lisa Mee is inviting people she meets to speak about places in their area that hold significance for them, or that influence the everyday, lived experience of their locality; and if they have a story connected to that place, to tell their story. The Storytelling Lounge is an online, virtual room to say what you think, tell a story, have a rant, or just shoot the breeze about where you live.

A selection of the places spoken about are being chosen to be explored, and made into tours.

The Storytelling Lounge is being supported by Arts Council England, and is being carried out with the support of Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness, as part of their research into the urban and built environment.

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Take part in Lisa’s Project The Storytelling Lounge.

Image below: view of the North West Open Prize, 2005, Art Gene Gallery

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