PIL 2.0, performance still. Alejandro Ball and Juan Crespo, PILproject unboxes Hidden Hikkimori; Rostan Tavasiev, It’s Complicated, 2017


Alejandro Ball is a Peruvian/American media curator, artist, and fabricator based between London and Dundee. His work and interests lie in the exploration of language as social coding and its integration into human culture and consciousness through new media practices and sonic elements.

He is the principle founder of Agorama, an virtual space for the development and exhibiting of Internet Art and Network Technology Art, and was a postgraduate researcher at the University of Dundee. 

Alejandro first joined Art Gene in 2017, as one part of PILproject (along with Juan Crespo) in our first Digital U online programme, Digital Gene Pool. In their project The One – The Many, Alejandro and Juan embedded portals across our website that told stories of the local history and culture of Barrow-in-Furness through pop-ups and meme culture.

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Geltung[Validity]: Perception of a Natural Right, curated by Alejandro Ball and Inês Costa,  GENERATORprojects, NEoN Digital Festival 2017


Alejandro went on to support Digital Artist-Curator Ruth Pringle curate Textbook by Benjamin Grosser for Digital U in 2018; and was guest Digital Artist-Curator for Extreme Views and Extreme Views Part 2.

Speaking about Digital U: Extreme Views, Alejandro said:

“Digital U: Extreme Views will examine the radical nature of artistic activities in digital space. My research interests lie in ideas of space and its use in distributed, immersive and performative forms of art”.

“A central focus in my investigations are the notions of online and offline ‘space’, and the progressing metaphysical relationship of these two ‘spaces’ as technology accelerates”.


Digital U: Extreme Views was an online exhibition series that ran in tandem with Art Gene’s wider Extreme Views programme; a public outreach coastal project, where Art Gene worked in partnership with the Islands and Bays of Barrow Coastal Team to link the landscapes with the communities of Barrow-in-Furness


PIL 2.0: Russia. Be Blinded by an Inner Light, by PILproject, VRC, DCA, Dundee, 2017; image artwork by Rostan Tavasiev

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