Allotment Soup’s Spring


Above: The Isle of Walney Community Growing Space with newly planted Aspen specimen tree. Photo Maddi Nicholson

Allotment Soup’s Spring

Thanks to the arrival of spring, Allotment Soup community gardeners at the Isle of Walney Community Growing Space have been keeping busy using their daily exercise to garden during lockdown. As well as caring for young Aspen trees with Back On Our Map, gardeners are sowing seeds and getting communal areas and individual plots ready for the growing season ahead.


“Many people think allotments may be a bit too hard for me, honestly, easy …

all you need is soil, seed, water, talk to them. Happy days!” 

Community gardener John shares his reflections whilst gardening during lockdown


Members have been follow strict social distancing measures, and staying in contact and sharing their activities via the Allotment Soup Facebook group. Scroll down for signs of spring from Allotment Soup.


The important task of watering has not been neglected, with social distancing in place for the volunteers who are caring for the Aspen roots.

Photo Maddi Nicholson.


On the Isle of Walney Community Growing Space, Aspen root cuttings planted as part of our partnership with University of Cumbria’s

Back On Our Map project are sprouting, thanks to the care of community gardeners. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


50 young Aspen trees have been donated to HM Prison Haverigg, and will form a woodland in the prison grounds to be nurtured and planted by residents.

Read more. Photo Ruth Essex.


A specimen Populus tremula (Aspen) tree planted near the new poly tunnel to house Back On Our Map project plants. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


Aspen trees in specialist air pruning pots will be used to take root cuttings as part of the Back On Our Map project. Photo Maddi Nicholson.

Above: Now is the time to start spotting wildflowers on your daily walk, look out for flowering Marsh Marigold. Photo Maddi Nicholson.

Young plants thriving in the new poly tunnels. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


Vegetable seeds planted for communal growing areas are taking off. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


Perennial vegetables are back for a second year. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


Joyful spring colour. Photo Maddi Nicholson.


Fresh herbs are available in communal raised beds. Photo Daryl Pugh.



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