Digital symmetrical image of a large upside down triangle in a grey-blue tones that's centre meets two 3d rectangles, that look like diving boards. 3 black, evenly spaced lines follow the shape of the triangle in the lower left and right, over a background of blue sky and clouds.

Vi Trinh, Escape, Digital U: Extreme Views, 2019

About Digital U

Digital U is an online exhibition space for artists that started in 2017. Each year, Art Gene works with a Digital Artist-Curator to show a new programme of work from a group of international, national, and local artists.

It is a platform for artists working in digital media; from film, animation, video, sound, html, and more. Inspired by our long-established U-Hang Exhibition Programme, where artists place work in surprising places within our building, Digital U uses our website as a central hub to share elements of their work across our digital platforms. 

In both opportunities we encourage a spirit of curiosity and experimentation, allowing artists to test their ideas in new spaces and build on their research.


A cork board with images and notes arranged with red pins. it includes a printed screenshot from zoom with an image of a circular mushroom, linned cue cards with 'Digital Notes', dates, and information written in coloured marker pens, a small yellow rectangle with a qr code with the caption 'raisin filter', and the edge of other images and notes.

Digital Notes, physical exhibition 2021

Past Programmes

Digital Gene Pool

Digital Gene Pool was our first Digital U programme. It was curated by Ruth Pringle, who previously curated our physical U Hang exhibition. It explored internet safety, chronic pain, creativity, technology, privacy, nuclear power, and internet culture.

It showed work from video artist David Theobald, musician and sound designer Ant Dickinson, graphic artist and printmaker Ciara Chapman, and the collaborative duo Post-Internet Landscapes (PILproject). It was made up of Facebook conversations, a blog, CGI animations, audio sculptures, and a website invasion.



Extreme Views

Digital U: Extreme Views took place in 2018 and was curated by artist  Alejandro Ball. Alejandro is one half of PILproject, who shared their project The One – The Many in the previous years Digital Gene Pool programme. 

Extreme Views showed work from artist Benjamin Grosser, artist, animator and musician Paul Dolan, and artist and software developer Sarah Friend. Through a browser extension that disrupted Facebook, a digital moving image vista, and a machine learning algorithm, this programme highlighted different aspects of internet culture to examine the radical nature of artistic activities in digital space.


A screen shot of a computer screen that shows open two windows of some sort of programme that is editing the colours and visual quality of a landscape. This could be based on satellite images, or digital construction. A window with a close up and a colour wheel is open, showing the user is in the process of editing.

Spruce Pine, North Carolina, Paul Dolan, 2018


Extreme Views Part 2

Following on from the previous year, Alejandro Ball curated Extreme Views Part 2 in 2019. He expanded on the previous years programme to examine the collision of art & environment in the digital age. 

This included work from the curatorial studio Agorama (who specialise in artist development in emerging technologie), illustrator and moving image designer Olivia Sullivan, collaborative work from Dana Olărescu + Paulina Sidhom, artist/drawer Angela Eames, and artist Vi Trinh.


a close up of pixles in different shades of red, pink and green, that is an abstract image that suggests parts of petals or leaves.

Cycle, Angela Eames, 2019


Digital Notes

Curated by Cardiff based artist Sophie Lindsey in 2021, Digital Notes explored themes of food, futures and biodiversity, to consider the potential of note making as a method, practice, and process. 

Through a series of webpages, live events and interventions, ​Digital Notes shared work/research from ​Sebastián Calfuqueo,​​ Amanda Gatti ​+ Gustiele Fistaról, James Scott,​ and ​Ashley Yuqi Zhang​ + Hua Zhang.

Find out more here.


Slide show: Screenshots from zoom workshop identifying different mushrooms

Mapu Kufüll, Sebastián Calfuqueo, 2021


Beyond Breaking Point

Artist Sophie Lindsey returned in 2022 to curate Beyond Breaking Point, which considered how work structures and attitudes can nurture unsustainable approaches, expectations, and practices. It questioned how we can care for our environment when struggling to care for, and sustain ourselves.

It brought artists Bingyi Liu, Ruth Waters, Paul Shortt and Aminder Virdee together in a series of webpages (exhibitions), videos, live screening, printable posters, GIFs and texts. 

Find out more here.


Animated gif of 5 sets of the three jagged white shapes with a black outline, coming together and apart, with hand written text reading: "Beyond Breaking Point" on each. On a bright yellow background.


On Repeat

On Repeat was our 2023 programme, and was the third programme developed by our regular Artist / Curator Sophie LindseyThrough revisiting and repeating work, On Repeat questioned the need for constant production by encouraging artists to delve into their archives, making the most of what they’ve already got.

The result was a collection of work from the recent past by artists Amy WrightBeth FoxMarianne VieulesSimon the LastSophie Broadgate, and Ting-Ting Cheng.

The programme was made up of series of webpages (exhibitions), videos, live screening, an ambient sound piece, website, and interactive game. 

Find out more here.



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