About the Extreme Views Project

In this time of extreme – art and artists take a stand, act and deliver strategically, effect change locally, work with the mechanisms of local government, and make a difference to the lives and landscapes of England’s largest isolated coastal community.

Art Gene’s Extreme Views is a conflict resolver: examining opposing, visual, perceptual, physical, societal and political extreme views. Delivering artworks, from digital apps to artist’s sheds, portable sculpture to Extreme Viewing exhibitions.

The work builds on Art Gene’s strategic vision for the Northwest, but has a wider national resonance and relevance, which will be addressed by disseminating our strategies and methodologies through web based reporting and streamed events.

Extreme Views supports artist, engages communities in place-making in some of the most deprived areas of the country, effecting change for coastal communities.  Over subsequent years, Art Gene’s Extreme Views project will develop and evolve. This landing page will provide an overview of the various groups, event and activities all occurring under the title: Extreme Views.

Watch this space for upcoming events in 2019:

Sun 10th February

Sun 24th February

Sun 17th February


Plus an Extreme Views Think Tank

Thurs 5th – Sun 8th April


Email Art Gene Project Manager for further information regarding the events:



Image below: Publicity event for the Feather Your Nest workshops and events, 2018. Photo credit: Art Gene

Extreme Views – Habitat to Habitation

Art Gene’s Habitat to Habitation project brings wildlife to Barrow’s backyards. We kicked of the year with Feather Your Nest open events for Ormsgill, North Walney and Hindpool residents, which saw locals assembling and decorating bird boxes in the style of different housing types of Barrow.
You can find out more about this event here:
Image below: Mini Beast Hunt: a Landscape Working Party event, 2018. Photo credit: Art Gene


The Landscape Working Party

Art Gene’s Landscape Working Party is a volunteer group dedicated to exploring, re-invigorating and enhancing local green spaces in-between the National Nature Reserves surrounding the islands and bays of Barrow and Furness.

The Landscape Working Party – coordinated by Art Gene’s Landscape Engagement Coordinator Eve Mulholland, and funded by the Coastal Communities Team – is dedicated to propagating and distributing wildflower species throughout Barrow Borough and beyond, with the aim of linking communities to landscapes, improving health and well-being and creating abundant green corridors for both wildlife and people to thrive.

There’s a whole host of activities happening this summer for you to join in on – including mini-beast hunts, bread-baking, winkles and den building. All activities are free but booking is essential!

Find out more the Landscape Working Party here.

As the Extreme Views programme develops please return to this page to see what you can be involved with, and how you can experience our amazing local landscape.

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Image gallery below: Scenes from a Mini Beast Hunt, a Landscape Working Party event; Bird box designs for Feather Your Nest, by architect Emily Temperton and a graphic from the  Landscape Working Party events poster.