Conversation Booth, Katie Anderson, 2019. A temporary project creating a space for dialogue and discussion in public between artists and passersby.

Dumfries High Street as part of Art in Public [Space] programme for The Stove Network.



Katie Anderson, Extreme Views Pt 2 Artist in Residence 

Katie Anderson is a visual artist based in South West Scotland. An interest in people, places, materials and collaborative practice drives her work, to develop projects both independently and collaboratively. Katie’s work is an embedded practice of settling and establishing projects alongside and as part of communities, creating work that has its foundations in a sense of place.

At once artist, curator, maker, participant, producer, citizen and explorer, Katie works across a variety of mediums and materials in response to the context and communities of a project. Her work has included sculpture, installation, participatory art, sign writing, sound art and public art.

Creative practice is a means of exploring our identity, environment and belonging to a place. Using process as a means of problem solving and discovery – opening the opportunity to be part of a wider dialogue.

Katie is a member of the Stove Network’s curatorial team, an organisation using creativity as a means of empowering and engaging communities to co-create change in Dumfries Town Centre.


As artist in residence for Art Gene’s Extreme Views, I’m looking forward to getting to know the area, uncovering some of the detail and everyday stories of Barrow in Furness, and playfully enquiring into relationships and connections to the wider environment surrounding the town. I’m hoping to bring my own approach and personal interests over the course of the next few months, as a starter for conversation and exchange.

Katie Anderson


Above: The Stove’s Pedal Powered Foundry, Katie Anderson, 2014.

A collaborative project with artist-maker Uula Jero to create a portable foundry for casting aluminium and pewter. Pictured at the Wigtown Book Festival for Trading Journeys, which cast 45 spoons with local people.



Below: Valuable, Katie Anderson, 2015. 

Temporary guerrilla hand painted signboard for a vacant shop building in Dumfries Town Centre. Created and installed in collaboration with The Stove Network.

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