Image: VIEWPOINT: a dialogue with rivers, people and their catchment at the confluence of the River Cocker and Derwent. Photo: David Haley 2018


Dr David Haley, Extreme Views Think Tank Producer

David Haley PhD Hon FCIWEM makes art with ecology, to inquire and learn. He publishes, and works internationally with ecosystems and their inhabitants, using images, poetic texts, walking and sculptural installations to generate dialogues that question climate change, species extinction, urban development and transdisciplinary for ‘capable futures’. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology; Vice Chair of the CIWEM Art & Environment Network; Mentor/Advisor (founder) of Futures’ Venture Foundation; a Trustee of Chrysalis Arts Development; a member of the ecoart network, UK Urban Ecology Forum, the Arts Steering Group, Ramsar Cultural Network and National Association of Fine Art Educators. He lives on Walney Island.

Life Support System, Hong Kong 2012

As Guest Producer for the Extreme Views programme of event, I will build on Art Gene’s previous activities, attempting to reconcile some of the transformative challenges that affect life in Barrow-within-Furness-andbeyond. My approach will be informed by the ensemble of participants contributing their expertise within a safe space, to learn and empathise with others. The ensemble will represent local people alongside people from the natural and social sciences, commerce and industry, education and healthcare, philosophy and the creative arts. Their focus will be on ‘capable futures’ for adaptation to ecological resilience. Particular places will feature within the whole ecosystem of Furness; inhabited by many life forms, including humans. In this way, the project will listen to those living under stressthose who maintain society, those who challenge the status quo and those who dare to hope and live their dreams. Paradoxes may be encountered, reconciled or even resolved.

Dr David Haley, 2018

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