Top image: Ruth Pringle’s desktop, including a photo of Thom Isom, taken on a recent visit to Barrow.

A New Look for the Art Gene Website 

Over recent months we have been busy rebuilding our website after engaging Thom Isom, a Graphic Designer based in Liverpool (who collaborated under the partnership Weave with Ollie Smith and Rachel Jones) to totally restructure the former Art Gene site. All this has been possible thanks to funding from Cumbria Business Growth Hub and the Arts Council England.

It is now much easier for visitors to navigate and find our news and upcoming events and join in on current projects. Our website also supports our new digital projects, such as the Seldom Seen Apps (now available to download), and better showcases the individual pages of each of our amazing artists and associates.

Additionally, we have also been able to launch a new online Digital Arts Exhibition Space, which will regularly present works by digital artists. We are proud to present David Theobald’s exhibition Augmented Reality as the first in this series.

Our Associate Ruth Pringle has been coordinating process of rebuilding our site: writing some of the content, hunting through the archives of our projects and helping to streamline the site. Although we continue to edit, catch errors and improve content, we’d love to invite you take a look around: our entire archive of projects, exhibitions and events is online for the first time – and there’s some new artworks to see too.

(If you spot an error, you could always email to let us know).