Top image: North Walney, left to right: Joanne Bradley, Eve Mulholland and Susan Manson. Photo by Maddi Nicholson

A Big Welcome to Joanne, Eve and Susan!

Our new team members will join us on an exciting journey in our upcoming Extreme Views programme, working with us to deliver public engagement events, draw links with our communities and nature and secure funding for future projects.
Keep an eye out for them at our upcoming events!

Joanne Bradley, Project Manager – Art Gene & the Coastal Team

“I’m thrilled to be working in Barrow with Art Gene, being part of a dynamic and creative team and discovering more about the things which make Barrow a special place. With a background in healthcare, and a passion for the outdoors and nature, this is an exciting venture and opportunity for me to work in new and different ways to promote good health and the outdoors, while also learning a thing or two myself about the interesting history and heritage of Barrow.”

Joanne Bradley, 2018

Eve Mulholland, Landscape Engagement Coordinator- Art Gene & the Coastal Team

“Having grown up in Barrow, I see the great potential the Furness area has to offer. I am very happy to be working with Art Gene to help bring about positive change to my town, engage with communities and link them back to their local landscapes and heritage.”

Eve Mulholland, 2018

Susan Manson, Development Manager – Art Gene

“I have worked for many years in Cumbria but don’t know the Barrow area well so i’m looking forward to getting to know both it and the people by working on a great range of community projects and activities that Art Gene is planning over the next few years.”

Susan Manson, 2018