Top image:  Bird box designs: Ornithology Typology: Species Spaces,  by Emily Temperton

Feather Your Nest – Join us for a free walk & talk and free Sausage Sandwich sign-up event!

We have designed 3 easily assembled bird boxes in the style of different housing types of Barrow for you to decorate and keep. We are hosting 3 free walks and talks around different locations of Barrow as well as 3 free sausage sandwich sign-up events for our bird box making workshops, where you can work with Art Gene artists to design your bird box interior and assemble them together.
  • Be inspired by the nature in and around your homes, as well as the town’s diverse assets
  • Get hands on and build a haven for wildlife to diversify your streets
  • Learn how to attract wildlife to your backyards and listen to a talk by Natural England’s ornithological expert on nesting birds

All Welcome!

To book, please contact Eve:
Tel: 01229 825085
(See poster below for more details)

“My aim was to create homes for garden birds that mimicked those of the Bath Street Terraces, Ormsgill Estate and the West Shore Caravans. To make them recognisable I exaggerated key characteristics and manipulated scales”.

Emily Temperton, 2018