Top image: Going Home from Here, an artwork by Maddi Nicholson, 2009
Photo by Rob Fraser

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment will be devoted to promoting the heritage and wildlife on Walney’s coastline.

This award marks the first stage of a 10-year project in the area, led and shaped by members of the community. The working group, The Islands and Bays of Barrow Coastal Community Team, was brought together by Art Gene to push for this investment.

In partnership with the county and borough councils, as well as heritage and environmental experts, they formed a vision of what they wanted for the future of the area.

The plan focuses on a suite of projects which will improve our green infrastructure and develop mechanisms through which our communities can become more engaged with our outstanding natural heritage assets as a means through which to improve health and well being.

One of the first of many developments funded by the grant will be the transformation of a derelict building in Sandy Gap into a new visitor centre.

This will provide employment and act as a starting point for people wanting to explore the peninsula.

“Barrow is a great place to live with an amazing coastline. We found that it’s the number one rated borough in England because of the quality of its coast.

We therefore jumped at the chance to apply for coastal town funding generated by income from offshore wind farms, especially because nearly a quarter of it is from the sea off Walney. Our economic plan is to use this funding to promote our nature and get it to make living here even better.”

Maddi Nicholson

The Coastal Communities Fund is said to represent the government’s commitment to improving the lives of towns and communities on the coast.

“We’re backing the Great British coast with £40m to create new jobs, boost economic growth and increase tourism. This new funding will help attract even more tourists to our coast and help our seaside towns and coastal areas thrive.”

 Sajid Javid, Communities Secretary


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Image below: Detail from the Seldom Seen Series of Maps, by Stuart Bastik.
Published late 2016, the Morecambe Bay Seldom Seen™ Series of Maps plots the hidden assets of Morecambe Bay between the islands of Barrow and Cockerham.
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