About Digital U

Digital U is an online exhibition space for artists working in digital media, including film, animation, video and sound. It’s a platform that selected artists take control of to exhibit their work: either presenting single artworks or a series.

Agorama – Server Co-op

Server Co-op aims to establish a p2p distributed platform for artist experimentation, and use this network infrastructure to develop a grass roots autonomous model for digital communication.

Sarah Friend – Perverse Affordances

Sarah Friend explores the social relationship between popular global social media interfaces and the individual through the vision of a machine learning algorithm.

PILproject – The One – The Many

Post-Internet Landscapes (PILproject)  have embedded portals across our website highlighting the non-linear nature of cultural narratives.

Music for Hacked Geiger Counters by Ant Dickinson

In his Geiger Counter Series, (2017) Ant Dickinson hacks into the circuitry of Geiger counters to control and alter the pitch of the sounds emitted. It’s a physical sound sculpture, in which manipulated Geiger counters are played as electronic musical instruments.  

Augmented Reality by David Theobald

Technology and its impact on subjectivity lies at the heart of my practice. Consisting primarily of digital animation, my work and subject matter mirror the structure of the underlying technology used in its creation, perversely creating images of objects and experiences that we normally avoid experiencing.