Art Gene: Re-visioning the Social Natural and Built Environment

Dana Olărescu and Paulina Sidhom – Micro-Life Under One Sun

Part of Digital U online exhibition programme

Micro-Life Under One Sun is an artist lead community project, with the aim of creating an off-grid 'earthship' home in which to grow microgreens using natural and upcycled materials, a biologically diverse and environmentally friendly harvestable crop for the community that nurtures it.

Olivia Sullivan – Digital Liquid

Part of Digital U online exhibition programme

Digital Liquid is the result of a continual experimentation process that involves combining analogue materials and textures with the digital medium. This new work is part of Olivia Sullivan’s ongoing 360 | fulldome video series, which aims to add organic elements to the overtly digital experience, creating the experience of cinematic immersion.

Agorama – Server Co-op

Part of Digital U online exhibition programme

Server Co-op aims to establish a peer to peer distributed platform for artist experimentation, using this network infrastructure to develop a grass roots autonomous model for digital communication.